Compression and Silicone In One

Silon-TEX is not just another silicone gel or elastomer sheet or pad, it is silicone-impregnated fabric and, as such, has many advantages over traditional silicone products.

  • Cheaper than many vendors charge for silicone elastomer sheet products.
  • Lasts Longer than most silicone sheet products on the market today.
  • Easier to work with than silicone gel and silicone elastomer sheeting for most burn scar management applications.
  • Patient compliance is greatly enhanced because Silon-TEX is a part of the garment and cannot be lost or omitted when the patient is away from the treatment facility.

Pockets & Linings

Silon-TEX is exceptionally useful when incorporated into garments where silicone is required to treat particularly troublesome areas of hypertrophic scarring or keloid development. This vest has a patch of Silon-TEX sewn into the upper back of this vest and a Silon-TEX pocket has been incorporated into the upper right front as a pocket and a pad.


Tell us where your patient needs Silon-TEX and we can insert it into the garment in any configuration you can imagine. Chin inserts and cranial patches sewn into this open-face mask are no problem.

Custom Design

Custom means the way you want it. We can make whole garments or portions of garments out of Silon-TEX.

This victim of an industrial accident involving a crosscut saw had a deep wound and thick scars forming on the dorsal surfaces of the middle and index fingers (See photos at top of this page).

In order to prevent contractures and possible loss of range of motion, the doctor prescribed a Silon-TEX insert for a Bio-Concepts compression glove. In order to provide the patient with the maximum benefits of the silicone fabric surface and maximize fit and comfort, we constructed the glove with Silon-TEX for the the two injured digits and the rest of the glove out of standard Nylon Spandex.

Silon-TEX Technology

Silon-IPN® combines the properties of silicone and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE – commonly known as “teflon”). Over the years numerous silicone formulations have been developed for a wide variety of commercial applications. Some of these materials offer high strength and stiffness, others provide a soft and compliant character. Until recently, however, no single product could offer both high strength and softness in one formulation. The Silon technology provides a unique blend of silicone and PTFE. These two biopolymers are “interwoven” into a structure of mutually penetrating matrices. The PTFE contributes an internal reinforcing mechanism, thereby providing very thin sheets of soft silicone with significantly enhanced physical strength.

Silon-IPN (Interpenetrating Polymer Network) Versatile Membrane Technology.

Since the membranes can be formed in very thin layers, Silon-IPN membranes are moisture vapor permeable.

SILON-TEX® is a registered trademark of Bio-Med Sciences Inc.