Fabric Content

The fabrics described below are Nylon® Lycra® or Dorlastan® spandex and contain no latex. All pressure ranges are available in all fabric types, however, each fabric has its own stretch properties. A soft fabric with high stretch will “give” more as the patient moves, and may, therefore, be less suitable for large circumferences or very active patients. A heavier stretch-resistant fabric will tend to maintain a more consistent pressure, but may be irritating to sensitive skin. Be sure to indicate the diagnosis on the Order Form.

Regular Material

Default material for adults and children 11 years or older (except head and neck and hand garments, see below). This is a heavy open weave, with a maximum stretch resistance. Regular Material is available in all 30 Bio-Concepts garment colors.

Close Knit Material

Default material for children 10 and under and for elderly patients 75 and older. Also the default fabric for face masks, chin straps, and hand garments. This fabric is very similar to the Regular Matierial, however, the threads are much finer and the weave is slightly more open. Close Knit Material is available in all 30 Bio-Concepts colors.


Our new LuxFab™ is a wonderful fabric for the vascular patient. It has great three-way stretch and durability. Many patients will benefit from a LuxFab garment in their lymphedema management program.

Soft Material

Patients with extremely sensitive areas of skin may not be ready for Regular Material or even Close Knit fabric. The skin side of our Soft Material is very smooth and the fabric is very light as well. We often construct whole garments of Soft Material for small children and the very elderly. Soft Material is available in all 30 Bio-Concepts colors.

Lining Material

We normally use Lining Material to line the inside of the garment over particularly sensitive areas, such as elbows, axillae, and knees. We can line entire garments as well. The lining material is very soft. Lining Material is available in all 30 Bio-Concepts colors.

Insert Material

Insert Material stretches well in every direction and conforms extremely well to irregular surfaces. Elbows, knees, chins, tops of heads, heels, abdomens, and other sites are good places for inserts. Because Insert Material conforms so well, we also use it to cover stumps and to end a mitten. Insert Material is available in all 30 Bio-Concepts colors.


A revolutionary new material that we incorporate directly into the garment. Silon-TEX is a medical-grade silicone elastomer sheet bonded to a Lycra Spandex fabric. Silon-TEX may be sewn into the garment in virtually any configuration needed to treat troublesome hypertrophic and keloid scars. Typically, Silon-TEX is used as a lining, sewn into the inside of the material of the rest of the garment. Silon-TEX is available only in white.

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