Pressure Garment for Hand, Hand Compression Garment, hands Custom Made Burn Compression Garments

Custom made pressure garments for hands maintain effective pressure for 2-3 months and then must be replaced. Alternating between several garments will aid in lengthening the life of the garments. Although in some cases of weight change, or spurts of rapid growth in children, more frequent re-measurement and replacement may be necessary.

Options for Custom Hand Compression Garments


Thumb web inserts made of our stretchy soft Insert Material is the most commonly requested insert for a hand compression garment. This is a small wedge of insert material placed along the web between the thumb and index finger to prevent irritation and skin breakdown. An ulnar insert, usually 1 – 2 inches wide and extending from the base of the fifth digit to the proximal end of the glove, is sometimes added to a glove or gauntlet to provide for extra flexibility in the glove or to assist the patient in donning the garment.


Zippers are commonly requested features of hand garments, however, a patient with good hand and finger strength who is not experiencing extraordinary pain or discomfort probably does not need a zipper on a glove or gauntlet. Most patients who need a zipper find that a dorsal zipper works best for them. In some cases a dorsal zipper is not indicated, as for a recent dorsal skin graft site. For these patients a palmar, ulnar, or even radial zipper might be better options.

Hook & Loop Closure

Hook & loop may be used to substitute for a zipper to provide for some additional adjust-ability in the garment fit. Location and length should be carefully specified on the Hand Measurement Chart.

Hook & Loop Zipper Stop Tab

Glove and gauntlet zippers may occasionally come open on some patients. To prevent this we can install a hook and loop tab across the zipper to hold it together.

Hook & Loop Wrist Tab

For some patients, getting the hand through the wrist band can be challenging, but a zipper is not needed. This difficulty is solved by installing a hook & loop tab across a break in the wrist band. A common practice is to order the first hand garment version with a zipper and the second without, or just with a wrist tab.


Linings may be indicated for a patient with a very sensitive dorsum or palm. A lining results in two layers of fabric while an insert is only one layer of fabric. The entire hand garment could be lined, but the resulting garment would be bulky and difficult to don. In this case we would recommend constructing the whole garment of soft or insert material. We also use a soft neoprene (rubber) pad sewn into the dorsal inside of a glove for lymphedema patients who tend to experience excess pooling of lymph fluid in that area.

Finger Tips

Except for complete finger and thumb amputations, all hand pressure garments have at least a thumb. This may be closed-tipped or open. For open tips, on the hand tracing, which is required for every hand garment, draw a line across the finger where you want the garment to end. For closed-tips do not draw a line across each finger and be sure to check the box labelled “Finger/thumb tips closed” on the Hand Measurement Chart.

Fabrics and Design Considerations




Bio-Concepts Order Form

This should be completed and transmitted with every custom garment order.

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How To Prepare The Order Form

Detailed instructions for submitting orders and an example order form.

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Hand Measurement Chart

With left & right hand tracing forms.

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How To Measure The Hand

Procedures and an example measuring chart and tracing guides.

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Bio-Concepts Measurement Charts And Forms

All of the Order Forms and Measurement Charts listed below contained in one file.

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The Bio-Concepts Measuring Manual

All of the Measuring Manual sections listed below in one file.

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