Lower Limb Compression Garment, lower extremities Custom Made Burn Compression Garments

A custom made lower limb compression garment maintains effective pressure for 2-3 months and then must be replaced. Alternating between several garments will aid in lengthening the life of the garments. Although in some cases of weight change, or spurts of rapid growth in children, more frequent re-measurement and replacement may be necessary.

Common Options for Custom Lower Limb Garments


Posterior knee inserts are frequently requested for lower extremity compression garments incorporating the knee. The insert is a piece of soft stretchy Insert Material (page 11) positioned over the popliteal crease. This helps prevent bunching of the regular garment fabric. Abdominal Inserts may be requested for patients with distended or tender abdomen.


Any part of the garment may be lined with Lining Material. Linings work especially well to prevent soreness resulting for rubbing, such as the knee or the anterior thigh.

Expansion Panels

Expansion panels, made of soft stretchy Insert Material, are normally installed posterior in a lower extremity garment. A posterior expansion panel in a stocking includes the back of the leg the heel and the plantar foot surface. Expansion panels may add to the life of a garment for a growing pediatric patient or for an adult with changing measurements.


For some patients a zipper may be needed in a lower extremity garment so the patient can get it over the foot. Zippers may be lateral or medial, and normally end at Point Y. Anterior or posterior zippers are technically feasible, but should only be requested in extreme cases where the lateral and medial surfaces are too painful or otherwise involved.

Pubis Construction

The default pubis for a male lower torso/extremity garment is closed with a horizontal fly, while the default pubis for a female is closed with a soft crotch gusset. Specify “open pubis” and we make the garment with a large pubic opening.

Fabrics and Design Considerations




Bio-Concepts Order Form

This should be completed and transmitted with every custom garment order.

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How To Prepare The Order Form

Detailed instructions for submitting orders and an example order form.

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Lower Extremity


Lower Extremity Measurement Chart

Includes lower torso and legs, does not include foot measurements.

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How To Measure The Lower Extremity

Procedures and an example measuring chart.

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Foot Measurement Chart

Required for stockings with feet; includes Foot Measurement Chart, tracing primer and foot tracing form.

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How To Measure The Foot

Procedures and an example measuring chart and tracing guide.

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Sketch Pad


Bio-Concepts Sketch Pad

To indicate the locations of special linings and other features.

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How To Use The Sketch Pad

Instructions for illustrating special features.

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Bio-Concepts Measurement Charts And Forms

All of the Order Forms and Measurement Charts listed below contained in one file.

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The Bio-Concepts Measuring Manual

All of the Measuring Manual sections listed below in one file.

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