Q: How do I place an order?

Download the measurement forms for the items you want and always include our Bio-Concepts’ ORDER FORM with every order. Measure your client and complete the forms. These may be scanned and e-mailed to , faxed to 800-650-9424 or snail mailed.

Q: How do I measure for Bio-Concepts’ garments?

We strongly suggest you watch our training videos on the Videos page, the Online-Self Certification page and the Order Forms & Measurement Charts page. You can also view these videos on our YouTube channel. You can choose the body part individually. We have detailed videos that teach using the mark and measure method or the paper tape method.

Q: Does Bio-Concepts accept measurements in inches or centimeters?

Bio-Concepts accepts both imperial and metric measurements. We want you comfortable with the method you choose. We ask that you indicate which method you have chosen. Just add “cm” or “in” at the top of the measurement column. Our Lower Extremity and Upper Extremity forms provide columns that indicate spaces for circumferences to be taken at distances of 1.5 inches. We request you indicate any change to this.

Q: How is glove style chosen?

Gloves will default to a certain style based on the diagnosis, age of the client and the “B” circumference or the measurer may request a specific style. The fabric will default to Close Knit unless otherwise requested.

We offer a “Bio-Style” on request which has 2 seams on the fingers and a seam that pulls down the web spaces dorsally with the thenar eminence not dealt with separately.

The “J-Style” Gloves have more seams with web insets and the thenar eminence is dealt with separately. The “J-Style” web insets may have web seams, a 2-piece Chevron. This is the default for burns. The ‘J-Style” with 1-piece Chevron is the default for children with “B” under 6.0”. For the diagnosis of Lymphedema, we recommend a “J-Style”, no band at wrist, no web seams. For Lymphedema, we also recommend LuxFab fabric, but it must be requested.

Q: I need to order two different types of garments for the same body part. Should I put all the measurements and features on one form or two?

If you have a client who needs, for example, full length leg stockings and also knee high foot stockings, then the best way to handle this is to fill out two different forms for each and include the correct features on each. This will ensure each garment has the correct features and is calculated with the correct compression.

Q: How do I get a price quote?

Due to the custom nature of our garments, we require the fully completed Order Form and completed measurement forms which reflect the garment(s) requested. Please indicate the pay source and an email address so we can provide an accurate price quote.

Q: I requested one type of garment, but why is my quote for a different garment type?

There are several garment types which are like another in our catalogue, with only a difference in length. Due to our garments being custom made for each client, and the extreme differences in sizes and body types, we needed to establish certain standards for garments. It is most likely that the type of garment you requested would need to be calculated as a different garment due to the measurements provided. Example: #6 Glove to Wrist may have circumferences on the forearm up to 4.5” above the wrist. Once you provide a circumference above 4.5”, it becomes a #7 Glove to Elbow.

Q: Do you accept pictures?

We accept pictures to support documentation, not to replace it. Pictures cannot take the place of measurements and we must have a legible ruler in the picture to help with scale perspective. Pictures should not be faxed as they print as a monochrome blur. Please make sure to respect client’s privacy and comfort when sending pictures of affected areas.

Q: How do I care for my garments?

Our garments ship out with a written set of laundry instructions in English and Spanish. We recommend hand wash and air dry. Mild soap, no bleach, no bleach alternatives, no fabric softener and no dryer. If you have a hand wash or delicate cycle on your washing machine, feel free to use it, but still no dryer.

Q: How do I send in a garment for alteration?

For questions on how to send in garments for alterations, please call and speak with our alterations team. Every garment is different, and our approaches to altering garments can change based on the age of the garment, the features involved, the affected body parts, and what changes need to be made. An alteration specialist will provide further instructions if we are able to alter the garment for you.