Bio-Concepts is proud to announce the addition of our Online Self-Certification Course in Measuring for Bio Concepts Custom Compression Garments!

This course will utilize combinations of the forms and the instructional videos found on our website to instruct you on how to use the forms properly, and measure your patients for the best compression garment fit and finish.

The course can be completed as your schedule allows, and you will receive a Bio-Concepts Training Certificate once you have successfully completed the course!

Links to required videos and documents can be found within the Certification Course.

How the Course Works

First we present a few statements that will reinforce some important information. Check to acknowledge and then move on to the videos.

Each question is presented in two parts:

  1. The Video: You can stop, restart, and go back and forth. The videos run from five to nine minutes each. The total length of all twelve videos is 69 min., 41 secs.
  2. The Quiz: Each video is followed by a series of multiple choice and true/false questions. Once you answer a question correctly, you will be taken to the next question and related video.