Megan: Bend, OR

Megan is a Phoenix.

Her journey began with a garage fire that was intentionally set by a former boyfriend. 53% TBSA, 45% third degree burns and 45% fully grafted. She was told if she survived, given a 25% chance, she probably wouldn’t walk again. But she persevered and celebrated her one-year burn-anniversary by completing a duathlon of 12-mile bike ride and 5K run. And she loves her Bio-Concepts compression garments!

Hedi: Hatboro, PA

Heidi is a Phoenix.

She was trying to remove a pot of hot oil that had erupted in flames in her new kitchen. Some oil sloshed and she slipped and fell with the burning pot. 42% TBSA, 2nd degree burns to face and neck, 3rd degree burns to both legs, both arms and torso. Heidi chose to optimize her results by having laser treatments as well as the custom compression garments. She credits her increased mobility, reduced number of surgeries and raised self-esteem to wearing Bio-Concepts’ custom compression garments throughout her recovery.

Don: Calgary, Alberta

Don is a Phoenix.

A completely freak accident, a dead short in a fuel tank caused an explosion that left Don in the hospital for three months with 2nd and 3rd degree burns to head, face and neck, both arms both hands, torso, and both legs. His burns were so severe, he had to re-learn to walk, use his hands, everything. He credits wearing Bio-Concepts’ custom compression garments with his overall healing. And with the healing, his mobility and dignity were restored. Don volunteers to teach at drivers ed classes the importance of making good decisions. He has an assortment of show and tell garments he takes with him and let’s the students even try them on. You need “the right equipment, the right stuff”.

Shelby: Rochester, IL

Shelby is a Phoenix.

Burned as a toddler in diapers, from chin to navel 40% TBSA, all 3rd degree burns. Shelby has had a life of numerous surgeries to help her body develop and grow to adulthood. Her legs were the donor sites. Moving from one care facility to another, Shelby herself compares her well healed leg that she wore Bio-Concepts’ custom garments on to her other leg with hypertrophy that she was to wear another brand from a different facility. Shelby reports that with Bio-Concepts’ custom garments, she felt cute and comfortable. Her mom, Melinda was more impressed with the healthy healing.

Dana: Pastry Chef, Line Cook, Artist

Dana is a Survivor.

Diagnosed at only 30 years old with Melanoma, right lower extremity. Dana was treated for her cancer and is a survivor. However, she was not warned or prepared for the side effect of Lymphedema which came on abruptly with her return to work. Unable to walk and function, she was eventually referred for treatment with a lymphedema therapist. Her therapist referred her to Bio-Concepts for custom compression garments that would meet the needs of her “unique body build.” Customizing her garments with the necessary options like drape-lining the bands and reinforcing the foot allows her to work, on her feet for extensive hours and have the comfortable support she requires. And her love of colors makes the experience a positive one! Bio-Concepts has “changed her cancer journey, making it easier and better”. She, “has a family here”.

Clare PhD: Psychologist

Clare is a Survivor.

Clare was diagnosed and treated for Breast Cancer more than once and is a survivor. She has developed Bilateral Lymphedema from this but recognizes it is a manageable side effect to treating cancer. Her lymphedema therapist referred her to Bio-Concepts as she had tried to buy different brands of “off the shelf” garments and they never fit properly. She appreciates the detailed measurements taken and the comfortable, functional fit. With the rainbow of colors, she enjoys having fun options available to accessorize. Addressing her arm length while keeping the necessary compression level she is confident she will continue to manage her lymphedema successfully. Check out her blog: momentsofclareity.

Geri: Director of Group Sales with a Dental Insurance Company

Geri is a Survivor.

Over twenty years ago, Geri was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and developed lymphedema post removal of lymph nodes and radiation. Little was known about early treatment of lymphedema and Geri had full blown lymphedema by the time her physician referred her to a lymphedema therapist. Off the shelf garments never met her needs. They were hot, bulky and didn’t stay in place. A relative referred her to Bio-Concepts as a family friend got her custom garments from Bio-Concepts. Geri appreciates the options of different fabric weights, elbow inserts, medical grade Silicone (SilonTEX ®) band and she further appreciates the professional and friendly atmosphere when she visits Bio-Concepts. Compliance is her middle name. She likes to feel, “she is our only patient”.

Christine RN: Home Infusion Nurse, Master Gardener

Christine is a Survivor.

Christine developed lymphedema after her treatment for Breast Cancer which included removal of lymph nodes and radiation to axillary, clavicular and sternal lymph nodes. Christine was referred by a friend who receives her garments from Bio-Concepts. She has come to terms with her body changes and acknowledges she has a manageable condition that has already improved. She likes that Bio-Concepts will work with her to address these reductions and make alterations to her existing garments so she can maintain her reductions. Exceedingly pro-active, she wears her garments 24 hours per day as night swelling is an issue. Christine doesn’t find restrictions wearing her garments. On the contrary, they enable her to stay active and enjoy her favorite activities. She is a volunteer at different botanical gardens and has recently become a Master Gardener. Wearing her shirt and glove may be daunting to other people but she knows she has no limitations. “Putting on her shirt is like a hug”.

Ann: Survivor

Ann is a Survivor.

Six years after being treated for Breast Cancer and developing lymphedema, Ann found a therapist named Lynette Jamison who treated her lymphedema and referred her to Bio-Concepts for custom compression garments. Ann is very happy to have a sleeve that is long enough and provides the correct compression and is comfortable.