If you frequently have a need for an off-shelf pressure garment because a patient can’t wait, or the patient requires the lowest priced treatment available, you should consider stocking a quantity of our ready-made Redi-Fit™ garments.

Bio-Concepts has established a large data base on measurements for all garments. These data have been used to determine the minimal measurements needed to design a garment in a range of sizes. For most of our ready-made garments, only one measurement is necessary to order the correct size. For example, to determine if the patient needs a small, medium, large, or extra-large chin strap or open face mask, Bio-Concepts needs only the circumference of the head measured at chin level.

Gloves, available in toddler, child, small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes, come with open or closed fingertips. Ready-made finger sleeves are also available in a petite size. The arm sleeves and knee-high hoses are available in toddler, child, small, medium, and large sizes. Since these garments are already sewn, therapists can select a garment for their patients from stock and receive immediate delivery. Therapists frequently look for immediate solutions to patient problems. Bio-Concepts’ ready-made garments will solve therapists’ needs for an immediate pressure garment for a patient.

Bio-Concepts Ready-Made Garments Feature These Quality Advantages

  • Smooth elastic fabric for maximum comfort
  • Super stretch panels for better conformity
  • Easy size selection
  • Maximum size ranges for each garment

All Bio-Concepts garments aid in the reduction of edema from trauma and radical surgery. They are the preferred treatment method for hypertrophic scars from burns and other traumatic injuries.

Easy Ordering

To order ready made garments find the garment you need, obtain the necessary measurement (only one measurement needed for the ready-made garments) and then give us a call at 1.800.421.5647. Or go to the Bio-Concepts Storefront at Amazon.com. We accept almost any form of payment you require, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, hospital purchase orders, private insurance, HMO, Workman’s Compensation, personal check, and COD.