Instructional Videos

You want to be confident that your patients will receive a quality therapeutic custom fitted compression garment as quickly as possible at the lowest cost. Following all of the examples and instructions in the Bio-Concepts instructional videos and The Bio-Concepts Measuring Manual is the best way to ensure this.

The 12 individual videos are organized according to the major subjects in the Measuring Manual. You may review them at your convenience. It would be best to review each video with the appropriate Measurement Chart and the section of the Measuring Manual in front of you. View All Bio-Concepts Measuring Charts and Manuals


Listen to testimonials from actual patients whose lives are changed by Bio-Concepts custom made compression garments and the healthcare professionals who recommend using compression garments.

Why Bio-Concepts?

Learn about what makes Bio-Concepts the only accredited manufacturer in the USA, how they set industry standards and learn about their extraordinary face mask story.