To Select Proper Size: Measure the waist along the line “D” and the right or left proximal thigh circumference “T” (if the Right & Left “T” are very different, use the average of the two). Select the size from the table below.

Measurement/Size Table

If "D" + "T" EqualsSize Required
20" to 30"Toddler
30" to 40"Child
40" to 50"Small
50" to 60"Medium
60" to 70"Large
70" to 80"X-Large

Available Colors


Easy Ordering

To order ready made garments find the garment you need, obtain the necessary measurement (only one measurement needed for the ready-made garments) and then give us a call at 1.800.421.5647. Or go to the Bio-Concepts Storefront at We accept almost any form of payment you require, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, hospital purchase orders, private insurance, HMO, Workman’s Compensation, personal check, and COD.