Shoulder and Arm Compression Sleeve, shoulder Custom Made Burn Compression Garments

Custom-made shoulder and arm compression sleeves maintain effective pressure for 2-3 months and then must be replaced. Alternating between several garments will aid in lengthening the life of the garments. Although in some cases of weight change, or spurts of rapid growth in children, more frequent re-measurement and replacement may be necessary.

Note: Shoulder flaps are intended only to hold up a sleeve. They are not intended or designed to apply therapeutic pressure to the torso.

Common Options for Custom Shoulder Garments

Shoulder Flap & Strap Styles

The purpose of a shoulder flap is to hold up a shoulder and arm sleeve. It is not designed to apply therapeutic pressure to the upper torso. Some benefit may be obtained to the upper shoulder, especially the acromial region, but a shoulder flap should not substitute for a vest.

10A Shoulder Flap Regular Male & Child

The default flap closure for an adult male flap is a zipper placed on the opposite side of the torso. For a child, the default closure is hook & loop placed on the opposite side of the torso.

10A Shoulder Flap Regular Female

The default flap closure is hook & loop placed on the opposite side of the torso.

The 10A Female for an adult female comes with an opening for the breast. This may not be indicated for a patient without breast due to surgery. You must indicate this on the Measurement Chart.

10B Shoulder Flap Strap Male
10C Shoulder Flap Strap Female
10D Shoulder Flap Strap Child

The strap-style Shoulder Flaps come with an an adjustable strap and foam padding for comfort.


Shoulder flaps do not automatically come with sleeves. You must select a sleeve, full length or short, to attach to the shoulder flap. If a hand compression garment is to be attached to a full-length sleeve, measurements will be required for a glove, gauntlet, mitten, or stump cover in addition to the measurements for the sleeve and for the shoulder flap. See the Upper Extremity page for more information.

Fabrics and Design Considerations




Bio-Concepts Order Form

This should be completed and transmitted with every custom garment order.

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How To Prepare The Order Form

Detailed instructions for submitting orders and an example order form.

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Upper Extremity


Upper Extremity Measurement Chart

For separate sleeves and sleeves attached to torso garments (for example, sleeves for a sleeved vest).

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How To Measure The Upper Extremity

Procedures and an example measuring chart.

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Sketch Pad


Bio-Concepts Sketch Pad

To indicate the locations of special linings and other features.

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How To Use The Sketch Pad

Instructions for illustrating special features.

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Bio-Concepts Measurement Charts And Forms

All of the Order Forms and Measurement Charts listed below contained in one file.

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The Bio-Concepts Measuring Manual

All of the Measuring Manual sections listed below in one file.

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