Custom Made Medical Compression Garments

Bio-Concepts has been handcrafting quality wearable and functional pressure garments since 1980 and is the only manufacturer of custom made burn compression garments in the burn rehabilitation field that is also a certified Medicare Provider. Our designers are the most innovative in the industry. We can make a therapeutic, comfortable, even fashionable pressure garment for any patient from head-to-toe to deliver any range of pressures in any one of 30 colors and six different fabrics.

Custom Made Bio-Formâ„¢ Compression Garments

Bio-Concepts’ custom made compression garments are ideal for treatment of a wide variety of medical conditions including burn scar management, long-term management of primary and secondary lymphedema, and Sensory Processing Disorders.

Any pressure range is available in a wide array of colors, fabric styles and design options. Now we have combined pressure garment technology with proven efficacy of silicone, particularly useful in burn rehabilitation.

As a United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) certified medical device manufacturer, our custom (made-to-measure) compression garments are available only under doctor’s orders.

Latest News, Meetings & Events

Something exciting is always happening at Bio-Concepts.

21th Congress of the International Society for Burn Injuries

This international burn care scientific congress promises to cover the latest advances in burn care research, clinical care, and technology.

August 28-September 1, 2022; Guadalajara Mexico.

2022 Northeast Region Burn Conference

The topics discussed at this conference are intended to increase the knowledge base for the interdisciplinary burn team members, to better equip them in caring for burn patients. The views and approaches of faculty are offered solely for educational purposes.

November 4th - 5th, 2022 in Mashantucket, CT

35th Annual Southern Region Burn Conference

Topics covered will include current interventions, protocols, treatment modalities, research, and critical pathways to advance patient care. Pre-conferences, social events, guest speakers, the exhibit/sponsor area, and more.

November 9th- 13th, 2022 in Baton Rouge, LA


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Online Certification Course for Compression Garments

This course will utilize combinations of the forms and the instructional videos found on our website to instruct you on how to use the forms properly, and measure your patients for the best compression garment fit and finish.

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Trusted By Professionals
Trusted by Healthcare Professionals
Only Accredited Manufacturer in the USA
Only Accredited Manufacturer in the USA
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