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Redi-Fit™ Open Face Mask

Ready Made Glove Pressure Garments
To Select Proper Size: Measure the "D" circumference as shown in the drawing and find the correct size in the table below.

Face mask Size Table

"B" Equals Size Required
11" to 14" Small
14" to 16" Medium
16" to 18" Large
Over 18" X-Large

Available Colors

Cocoa Brown
Cocoa Brown
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Introducing Bio-Concepts Ready-Made Redi-Fitâ„¢compression garments.From head to toe these garments will bring results with off-the-shelf convenience and low-cost quality.

Buy them direct from Bio-Concepts, online at amazon.com, or through distributors specializing in hospital and clinic supplies.

You get the same great fabrics and the same basic design and construction methods used in our world class custom garments. We have a ready-made garment in-stock to ship to you for just about every part of the human body.

Our Ready-Made compression garments are intened for management of numerous medical conditions. Stock a supply of Ready-Made compression garments for those patients that need a low cost garment right away.

Call 1-800-421-5647, or email  bio-con@bio-con.com, if you want to find out more about Bio-Concepts Ready-Made compression garments.

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