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Custom Made Bio-Formâ„¢ Pressure Garments

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If you want a quality therapeutic compression garment , please review the procedures for taking correct measurements. Enroll in and complete the free online Self-Certification Training Program. Use the resources below to find specific resources for those who wish to measure and fit Bio-Concepts Custom Pressure Garments.

Do you anticipate ordering Bio-Concepts custom garments frequently? Call our order desk at 1-800-421-5647 and request customized charts and forms.

Quality Control at Bio-Concepts
Product Support Commitment

Bio-Concepts is the only manufacturer of custom compression garments in the burn rehabilitation field that is also a certified Medicare Provider.

Bio-Concepts Custom Compression Garments are fully warranteed for 30 days after the patient has received the garment for all defects in materials, workmanship, or design. This includes alteration of returned garments or full replacement.

The Bio-Concepts commitment to satisfaction is where we shine above the others. If you are having a problem with one of our garments we want you to call or email us right away.

Contacting Bio-Concepts about a problem is as easy as ordering, You always get to speak with human beings and you can almost always speak to the person who designed your garment right away.

To Correct A Problem Call: 1-800-421-5647, or email  bio-con@bio-con.com.

Can't view the forms below? Adobe Reader is free and can be downloaded here: >> Download Adobe Reader

If you or your facility order frequently consider requesting a set of customized Bio-Concepts order forms. They will make ordering simple and easy for you and your staff. Contact Bill, at our Order Desk.
All of the Order Forms and Measurement Charts listed below contained in one file.
This should be completed and transmitted with every custom garment order.
All head and neck garments.
With left & right hand tracing forms.
Includes upper and lower torso.
For separate sleeves and sleeves attached to torso garments (for example, sleeves for a sleeved vest).
Includes lower torso and legs, does not include foot measurements.
Required for stockings with feet; includes Foot Measurement Chart, tracing primer and foot tracing form.
To indicate the locations of special linings and other features.
We are in the process of revising the Bio-Concepts Measuring Manual. Print copies of the updated version (dated 2013) are not yet available. Download the new manual in its entirety or by chapter.
All of the Measuring Manual sections listed below in one file. Be sure to check out the Bio-Concepts YouTube Channel for training, information about compression, testimonials, and more.
Detailed instructions for submitting orders and an example order form.
  Watch the video: Play
Procedures and an example chart.
  Watch the video: Play
Procedures and an example measuring chart and tracing guides.
  Watch the video: Play
Procedures and an example measuring chart.
  Watch the video: Play
Procedures and an example measuring chart.
  Watch the video: Play
Procedures and an example measuring chart.
  Watch the video: Play
Procedures and an example measuring chart and tracing guide.
  Watch the video: Play
Instructions for illustrating special features.

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