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Upcoming Events
Upcoming meetings and seminars to be attended by the Bio-Concepts sales staff.
Northeastern Burn Conference
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Western Regional Burn Conference
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46th Annual Winter Refresher Course for Family Medicine
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Custom Made Bio-Form™ Garments
Quality wearable and functional pressure garments. Our designers are the most innovative in the industry. We can make a therapeutic, comfortable, even fashionable pressure garment for any patient from head-to-toe to deliver any range of pressures in any one of 30 colors and six different fabrics.

Bio-Concepts custom-made pressure garments are ideal for long-term management of primary and secondary lymphedema. We have developed a successful protocol for the design of post-mastectomy sleeves and gloves to combine comfort and function. Special features and options used in conjunction with an active manual lymphedema drainage program are combined to bring new hope to the lymphedema patient. Gradient compression is now available in a wide array of colors, fabric styles and design options.

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Redi-Fit™ Garments
If you frequently have a need for an off-shelf pressure garment because a patient can't wait, or the patient requires the lowest priced treatment available, you should consider stocking a quantity of our ready-made Redi-Fit™ garments.

Bio-Concepts has established a large data base on measurements for all garments. These data have been used to determine the minimal measurements needed to design a garment in a range of sizes. For most of our ready-made garments, only one measurement is necessary to order the correct size. For example, to determine if the patient needs a small, medium, large, or extra-large chin strap or open face mask, Bio-Concepts needs only the circumference of the head measured at chin level.

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An Interview with Paul Silverstein, MD
An Interview with Dr. Paul Silverstein, MD
Why Bio-Concepts?

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